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Gloomy Days are the Best Days

I often get messages from clients who have looked ahead on the weather forecast to see a cloudy day set on their session date. They panic at the prospect of having less than stellar photos.

I, on the other hand, look ahead on the weather forecast, see a mostly cloudy day and leap for joy! Gloomy days are the BEST days! Especially for children. Why you ask? What happens when you venture outside on a sunny day? It's super bright right? So your eyes immediately squint. Adults are able to control it to a certain degree, but children cannot AT ALL. Their eyes disappear into two tiny slits, and the entire session (although the scenery is gorgeous) is a wash because the child's expression isn't ideal.

Cloudy days also have a way of softening skin tones and giving a dreamy quality to images. So the next time you get down about the lack of sun during your photo session- fear not! Your photographer is excited as can be! And your photographs will be GORGEOUS!

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